Here’s something that you need to learn about me very quickly. For a 28 year old, I spend a very large portion of my time walking around toy stores. I love toys and gadgets, and I’m also particularly resistant to growing up. That’s why I had a mini-melt-down when I saw the unbelievable cuteness of – an online store where you can customise your very own Lego person. (!!!)

I have been a Lego fan since I was a teeny tiny person, and I can still be found, to this day, feeling up packets of minifigures, in search of the most coveted of characters. (I’ve become really good at this, btw.) I also love the fact that Lego has always encouraged building/playing/creativity in children, as well as adults, completely inclusive of all genders.

I proper <3 Lego.

I finally got the chance to browse and make up a mini-zozette (tres excite) and I have to say, it was pretty friggin fun. I loved browsing through the clothing/accessories/pets, and living out my wildest Indiana Jones/mermaid/superhero dreams. There were so many options to choose from, that I actually struggled to narrow my picks down – but I finally decided to settle on something more realistic. Unruly tresses, a cat lady sweater and a resting bitch face. Yasss.

Navigating the site and ordering was super easy, and my little mini-me arrived within 2 days, packaged neatly in a little container, perfect for storing all of my extra parts and bobs. This authentic Lego character was also a perfect fit within my existing collection of Lego pieces – making it all too easy for me to get stuck into my entire Lego box again.

I have no shame in admitting that I spent the better part of my weekend engaged in a full-on glamour shoot with my mini-me. No shame at all. I mean, LOOK AT ME??? I’m flippen adorable!

Mini-me characters are also great for occasion gifts, with a variety of already made-up characters – ready to purchase in a hurry. But the real fun is putting something customised together. The items are easily categorised, affordable and there is also a large variety of payment options. (Including, my ultimate fave, Snapscan.)

Next time you’re stuck for a gift or are looking for a way to jazz up your profile picture, why not build one from scratch? Visit mini-me across social media for some fun combination ideas and a friendly helping hand. Loads of fun and highly recommended.





PS: Also, I’m a nerd, so my Instagram will likely have a myriad of Lego-ey posts for the rest of this week. If this is of interest to you, I suggest that you hop over there for a peek.

PPS: Big thanks to the awesome peeps at Mini-me for letting me play around on your site and build a character. I <3 it so much.

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