Motivation for the anxious

Motivation for the anxious

Staying motivated can be a bitch.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a typically anxious wallflower or a confident gold medalist, everybody has heard that irritating voice which creeps it’s way into your mind, urging you to freak out. It usually goes by the name of ‘self-doubt’ or ‘anxiety’, but I like to call this meddling asshole ‘Gertrude – Duchess of Gloom.’

In fact, Gertrude (that bitch) visits every now and again, and times her arrival to coincide perfectly with my happier days  – whispering rotten thoughts into my ear just as I’m ready to kick butt and take names. It’s on these days I need reminding of how I am able to control Gertrude’s spiteful tongue, and how easily I can drown out that royal pain in the brain.

As cheesy as it is, one of my favourite ways to do this, is through motivational words. I am a sucker for organisers and to-do lists, and I love to slip little notes of motivation for future-me to find in between the pages. It’s always a nice surprise, and something that happens to catch me on the days I most need them.

Since we are already halfway through this year, I thought I’d make 6 little good-mood printables for you to download. These printables can be stuck up, slipped into the beginning of every month in your organiser, or hidden in places where you think people might need them.

Download your motivational printables here (139 downloads)


Enjoy them, and let me know in the comments below if you have any other mood-boosting tips for those doubtful days. Lawd knows we need em.



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